Podere La Villa is situated in a gorgeous Tuscan valley
where the contrasting lush and rugged landscape brings to mind rural Renaissance paintings
by masters such as Leonardo da Vinci or Benozzo Gozzoli.


Ilaria holds her father’s legacy in her vineyard and in her heart.
From him she inherited not only a deep and abiding love for the land, but also an independent spirit.

The Estate. A story of Love

The love of a father and a daughter, the love of a wife and a husband, the love of a mother for her children. But, above all, the love of one family for the history and tradition of Italy and its viticulture, and the love and determination of my husband and I to see that tradition can carry on into the future.

Ilaria’s Story

"... All of this wonderful personal growth brought me to a seminal moment in 2007, the year my first son, Riccardo, was born. The birth of Riccardo, and two years later my second son Nicolo, revolutionized my professional life. From then on, I dedicated myself completely to PODERE LA VILLA ... "


Recalling Giacomo Tachis

Just over three years have passed since the death of Giacomo Tachis in 2016, but writing about him is still very demanding from the point of view of memories and emotions.