Podere La Villa is situated in a gorgeous Tuscan valley where the contrasting lush and rugged landscape brings to mind rural Renaissance paintings by masters such as Leonardo da Vinci or Benozzo Gozzoli. In fact, Vinci, the town of Leonardo da Vinci’s birth, is only 39 km away. Famously called the “Conca D’Oro,” the golden seashell of Tuscany, where a sheltered microclimate protects and encourages the best grapes for Chianti Classico wines.

“Despite the quiet, rural feel, we are very strategically located, just 18 km southwest of Florence”.

“The estate lies nestled in Chianti’s hills, 350 meters above sea level, and has a total of 10 hectares (25 acres), which include vineyards, olive groves, woods and a small lake. The 7 hectares (17 acres) of vineyards are in the Chianti Classico wine region and comprise Sangiovese grapes (80%) and Merlot grapes (20%). We have adopted sustainable farming techniques, although we are not yet certified as organic farmers. Our goal is to respect and preserve the surrounding environment as much as possible. All our grapes are hand-picked and produced in limited quantities to obtain the best quality.”

“We make our own wine from the best parcels of our 7 hectares (17, 30 acres) vineyards around the Villa, as these grapes receive the most sunlight.

The vineyard is regularly pruned to maintain a low yield per plant and is given only a few protective treatments. We use only very small amounts of approved chemicals and only when strictly necessary.

“We are growing!”

“Not only our grapes and our children, but also our premises. In 2018 permission was granted for the purchase and development of neighboring buildings, which will allow us to begin producing our wines onsite at Podere La Villa. Ilaria’s husband Raf has been instrumental in the planning and construction of this exciting new facility, bringing patience, vision, hard work and dedication to the vineyard and its future”.
Ilaria Tachis

“We respect the nature and simplicity of wine.
Therefore no chemicals, as it is done today, and stay attentive to genetics,
because otherwise nature rebels.”

Giacomo Tachis

Ilaria’s Story

"... All of this wonderful personal growth brought me to a seminal moment in 2007, the year my first son, Riccardo, was born. The birth of Riccardo, and two years later my second son Nicolo, revolutionized my professional life. From then on, I dedicated myself completely to PODERE LA VILLA ... "