Our Winemaker:


by Cynthia Chaplin

At Podere La Villa Cellai and Ilaria have achieved all of Giacomo’s aims. He told them that a wine must have three primary characteristics in order to be great: the heart of the territory, the best choice of the vines, and the soul of the enologist. Cellai believes that Pargolo, the Chianti Classico produced at Podere La Villa is the truest expression of Giacomo’s rule. In fact, Cellai declares that the 2018 vintage of Pargolo is proving to be extraordinary, “grandissimo grandissimo!” Having been a serious fan of Pargolo for many years myself, I understand his love for this wine that speaks so much of its roots in San Casciano, its history and tradition.

For the future, Cellai sees growth and success coming to Podere La Villa, through the Merlot that bears Giacomo’s name and the continued development of the Chianti Classico Pargolo. Having recently received the permissions necessary to begin the restructuring, renovation and building of a new wine making facility at a property barely a mile from the vineyard, Cellai believes that having this level of control will only add to the potential of the wines. “It’s an emotional collaboration at Podere La Villa, “ he tells me. “Giacomo is lighting our way and I am extremely convinced that we will make great wines that will stop the world because they carry the DNA of Giacomo and his enormous passion.”
James Suckling clearly agrees, having awarded Podere La Villa Giacomo merlot 92 points only days ago.