Ilaria holds her father’s legacy in her vineyard and in her heart. From him she inherited not only a deep and abiding love for the land, but also an independent spirit.

These are young wines, made by a young woman, made with respect for the history of her father’s life work and with quiet determination to contribute to her family’s future through dedication, hard work and bravery. Ilaria’s willingness to take on the mantle of her father’s accomplishments, to honor his reputation, yet find a way to humbly create her own path has set Podere La Villa on a course that guarantees her wines will grow in their own right, developing strength and character through her careful nuturing.
The awards the wines are already winning prove that Ilaria and Raffaele are independent wine makers, striving to ensure their bright vision for the future of their enterprise comes to fruition.


Chianti Classico

IGT Toscana

La storia di Ilaria

" ... tutta questa meravigliosa crescita personale mi ha condotto ad un momento particolare nel 2007, anno in cui è nato il mio primo figlio, Riccardo. La nascita di Riccardo, e due anni dopo del mio secondo figlio Nicolò, ha rivoluzionato la mia vita professionale. Da allora mi sono dedicata completamente a PODERE LA VILLA ..."